Who We Are

Sara Holmes

Sara Holmes is a passionate, educated Esthetician who specializes in Oncology Aesthetics. After attending the Divine Indulgenece Aesthetics Institute for Oncology Aesthetics in Dallas, Texas, Sara knew that she had to bring her knowledge back home. If she could, she would want to help each and every person touched by cancer in the area. She has experience dealing with many types of cancer in every stage and is a proud member of the International Society for Oncology Esthetics. Recently, Sara attended The Sauler Institute at the University of Pennsylvania to learn Medical Micropigmentation; also known as 3D Areola and Nipple Reconstruction through tattooing.

What We Do

Provide skin care solutions for cancer patients going through various kinds of treatments at all stages of treatment, specializing in radiation and chemotherapy. All treatments are provided with stage-based considerations.

Complementary consultations

Create a safe, supportive, no judgement haven for those experiencing treatment side effects during and long after remission

Why We Do It

We have a foundation and immense need for skin care during the times of treatment: when the skin is hypersensitive, cracking, and blistering. Many people have sought out skin care solutions only to come up empty handed or only to find products that don’t work.

We want to create a safe, trustworthy environment to offer real solutions and expertise.

How We Do It

Offer 30 min and 15 min facial and body treatments for oncology patients

Retail options available for home care at low costs from facial care to body care


Lindi Skin

Lindi Skin products were created with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients, and skin care formulators. These products can treat even the most sensitive skin. Lindi Skin features unique, gentile, and soothing formulas that ease the burden of common side effects typically experienced by individuals undergoing treatments for cancer and related disorders. Products are intended to help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally, and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience.

How Products Work

These products are formulated to calm and soothe irritated, dry, inflamed, and hypersensitive skin conditions. They work on all areas of the body damaged by chemotherapy and radiation.

Special Accommodations 

Area for prosthetic and wig removal

Specialty pillow (BILLOW –Double Mastectomy Pillow)

Adjustable Table



  • Facial Cleanser


  • Body Wash




  • Cooling Gels


  • Cooling Roller




  • Soothing Balm


  • Face Moisturizer


  • Body Lotion


  • Eye Hydrator




  • Hydrating Lip Balm



Gift Sets

  • Fight Back Pack



30 Minute Skin Treatment

Includes a cleansing treatment, specialty massage, and specialty moisturizer.

15 Minute Skin Treatment

Less is more, for sensitive skin. This treatment includes a cleansing treatment, and specialty moisturizer.

Facial and Body Treatment

This treatment is meant for sensitive and dry skin on all areas of the body. Includes cleansing on face and body, facial and lymphatic massage as well as specialty moisturizer.

  • 30 Minute Skin Treatment


  • 15 Minute Skin Treatment


  • Facial and Body Treatment


  • 3D Artificial areola tattooing

    Coming August 2018

  • Microblading for eyebrows

    Coming Soon

Before & After of 3D areola and nipple tattooing



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